Procedure for Application by City 

city of san diego

Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator

  1. Fill out a City of San Diego UAIZ Application (need link)
  2. Take the form to City of San Diego Development Services Department and go to the Development and Permit Information desk  (free processing)
    1222 1st Ave, MS 301 San Diego, CA 92101-4101 Call (619) 446-5300 for appointments and (619) 446-5000 for information
  3. Upon approval by City of San Diego Development Services Department, take the Application Verification to the City of San Diego Economic Development Department for contract length and other aspects
    1200 Third Ave., 14th Floor San Diego, CA 92101
  4. Sign Contract
  5. Take signed Contract to San Diego County Assessor's Office for recording and tax break
    1600 Pacific Hwy #103, San Diego, CA 92101