Find out how to find growers and covert your land into urban agriculture through Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones.


Refer to Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (page coming soon!) for basic eligibility criteria for Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones. Even if you do not qualify for the program, we highly encourage that you consider utilizing your land for urban agriculture projects. 

Step 2: find a grower that would be ready to lease your land 

Following are some methods for identifying growers:

1. Growers Looking for Land Directory which includes growers who filled out a form on this site or feel free to reach out to us to inquire (Elly Brown:

2. Community nonprofits and businesses that interface with growers (contact list to be updated!)

STEP 3: form a lease with a grower 

Refer to the following Sample Leases for reference (link coming soon)

STEP 4: Apply for an urban agriculture incentive zones contract  

Refer to Getting Started page (page coming soon!) to learn about how to apply for Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones in your city